About Eliko Rugs by David Ariel

More than simply a rug dealer, Eliko Rugs by David Ariel is a company that specializes in solving our customer's problems. For 40 years we have committed ourselves to having the largest and most diverse inventory of new, vintage and antique rugs available in the market. We are constantly adding to our collection so thatthere are always fresh and interesting examples, with a total of 10,000 rugs in stock to choose from. Distressed Oushak rugs, colorful Moroccans, vintage modernist and classic Persian originals; the depth of variety of our inventory means that we have options for virtually any project imaginable.

Craft, Artistry & Sustainibilty

Our mission is to perpetuate the craft and artistry of hand woven rugs for future generations. David and Ariel dedicates their talents and resources to provide uncompromising quality. Building on our antique rug experience, we support crafts people and sustainability, globally, by introducing design-forward styles, natural fibers, and vegetable dyes. Our approach is holistic. By expanding our custom rug offerings, we stand firm in our commitment to supporting the livelihood of artisans whose history and craft we admire.

David and Ariel's Success

David and Ariel creates rugs that are highly prized by decorators. We follow the trends and take this a step further - Our Inventory is our Client's Inventory. We successfully collaborate with the trade to provide those important rug elements that ultimately results in a client purchase. David and Ariel adapts and executes any design vision - whether clients are modifying an existing collection - or individualizing a rug to meet their color, size, and design specifications. David and Ariel's knowledgeable team makes the entire process simple and hassle free.

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